Lovely bride-to-be Hannah had a very clear idea of what she wanted to wear in her hair for her wedding to Adam, the only problem was she hadn’t been able to find it anywhere. Imagine how thrilled we both were when we met at a wedding fayre and I had just the Boho headband of her dreams. Additionally, as I hand make every headpiece to order I could customise it to create the bespoke lace wedding headband she was after. Here’s her bespoke bridal headband design story …

Bridal Headband design brief

We met up at my home studio a few months later and over cups of tea with homemade cake we discussed Hannah’s ideas. She immediately fell in love with the Julia ribbon tied headband which she planned to wear across her forehead. Hannah had fabric snippets from both her beloved Grandma and step-mother’s wedding dresses that she wanted to incorporate. Her wedding colour theme was emerald green which she also wanted to include.

Julia Bridal Headband

Laying out the initial headband design

I spent several days playing lace jigsaws with the twenty one little pieces of lace. Working on graph paper to make sure the design was straight; it took a while to make sure it was balanced and flowed.


including treasured fabric pieces

The three satin fabric pieces from Grandma’s wedding dress were fraying badly when they arrived. These had to be stabilised before I could use them. The pattern on the fabric was quite large so I cut out leaf shapes from the two smaller pieces to create features in-keeping with the lace pattern. I put a leaf spray over the top of them to break the pattern up and link it in with the rest of the design. The scissor points show this in the photo below.


I used the third piece of Grandma's fabric which had the most of the pattern on it to create an edge around the central cluster of chiffon flowers. If this frays over time it will add a pretty soft edge. 


One end of the headband had step-mother Ella's piece of wedding dress lace added. It was quite champagne coloured compared to the rest of the lace but I planned to embellish over the top so it wouldn’t show so much. The end of one of the leaf fronds was missing so I tucked it under one of the other lace pieces. You can see this just above the wider scissors on the right hand side in the image below.


embellishing the bridal headband

I added four pretty lace flowers into the design; this is where I planned to add clusters of emerald and ernite green Swarovski crystals. The scissors show the location of these.


The green crystal embellishments and the chiffon flower clusters were evenly spread along the length of the headpiece; this took quite a while to plan into the headband design! The central portion had the same lace elements but they are laid out slightly differently on each side of the cluster to create interest and make a feature for Hannah’s face. This is shown below between the two scissor points.

Hannah also asked if I could sew freshwater pearls to the ribbon ends to make a feature of the headband when seen from behind.


finished bespoke bridal headband

Once I had finalised the design I sent these photos to Hannah for her approval before starting to sew the headband and embellish it.

Oh my god Julieann it's beautiful!! Thank you for making my grandmas pieces central that is very lovely touch and she will love that too! You have done a fab job … its perfect!! Thank you so much! I'm so excited now! xx”

This is the finished bespoke headband which I wrapped in tissue and boxed before sending it to Hannah.


She was thrilled … “I love my headpiece ... I see it now as an heirloom which I will pass down the generation’s, thank you for all of your hard work xx”

This happy photo shows Hannah wearing her bespoke headband  standing beside her lovely father on her wedding day.

© Julieann Bird 27.07.18